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Heavy Equipment

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Make Construction Happen Efficiently
40+ Years of Buying and Selling Commercial Equipment

Heavy Equipment is broadly termed as vehicles that are specially designed for making construction tasks happen. The most frequent use for these vehicles is earthwork operations, tasks that involve moving a large amount of earth to level and grade an area to be ready for construction. Another use for heavy equipment includes using material handlers such as cranes to move large objects over a construction site. Heavy equipment has been used throughout the history of human civilization, some of the earliest accounts of this are from the ancient Roman civilization. This type of equipment has come a long way since then, through the advancement of mechanics and physics we can now move and create much larger projects.

Different Types of Heavy Equipment and there uses

  • Track-type such as bulldozers or tractors – These machines are used to move large amounts of the earth so that construction sites have the proper areas needed to begin building.
  • Graders – This type of machine is mainly used to grade large sections of the earth so that they are level and can be built upon.
  • Excavator- These types of machines are used to dig into the earth to create things like trenches.
  • Backhoe – This machine has a combination of a digging bucket and a front loader to be able to multiple projects on a site.
  • Material handler – This type of machine, such as a crane, is used to move large items across a construction site easily.
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Companies that make this type of equipment

  • Caterpillar
  • Komatsu
  • John Deere
  • Hitachi
  • Terex
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